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Barbie Dream Musical Instrument Come True

on December 20, 2017

If you grew up with Barbie like I did, I’m sure you also caught the Last Song Syndrome (aka LSS) with the line”I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World, Life is Plastic, it’s Fantastic” a famous song by Aqua. And do you remember, thinking how you’d like to make that Barbie World a reality? Surround yourself with Barbie-inspired merchandises to look and feel like a Barbie? And if you’d watched Barbie Animated Movies, I’m pretty sure you also wished you could have rocked those catchy Barbie Songs with an equally eye-catching Barbie Musical Instruments. 
It may be a little to late for us 90’s Kids/Tito’s & Tita’s of Manila to live the Barbie Dream but it’s not too late for our Linksters (Generation after Millenials) Kiddos. You can help them live the dream that never became our reality and nurture their musical talents at the same time by gifting them these cutesy and inspiring Barbie Musical Instruments by Jen1ne Distributor Incorporated / D&D Custom Guitars.

Barbie HRP Electric Guitar Pink – Php 6,900.00

Barbie Acoustic Guitar – Php 5,500.00

Barbie DBA Ukelele Printed Violet – Php 3,300.00

Barbie DBA Drum Set Printed Checkered – Php 8,980.00

And since Jen1ne Distributor Incorporated / D&D Custom Guitars wants to promote musicality to our youngster they are offering Student discounts: 10%off just present your kids’ school I.D. upon purchase.

Barbie Musical Instruments are available at D&D Guitars in SM Mall of Asia but feel free to visit their other branches to see other instruments up for sale.



Company Background:

Jen1ne Distributor Incorporated (est. 2009) is one of the leading musical instrument distributors in the Philippines, and is responsible for establishing D&D Custom Guitars among others which, in only a few years’ time, has rose to become one the leading guitar brands in the Philippines. (http://billboard.ph/dd-custom-guitars-make-signature-axeslocal-guitar-heroes/)

Jen1ne Distributor Inc’s goal is to provide Filipinos with quality instruments while still resting in an affordable price range. The company continuously works with local artists such as Barbie Almalbis, Manuel Legarda, Raymund Marasigan and the like to be able to produce engaging products and effective marketing activations. Recently, Jen1ne Distributor Incorporated, aside from catering to its dealers nationwide, has also opened its first pilot branch in Glorietta and has been followed up with a flagship store in SM Mall of Asia.


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