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Stand Out with ATC FatOut

on December 19, 2015


Hygiene is something taught to us from an early age. Adults used to tell us to pay extra attention on keeping our bodies clean. Nothing wrong with that concept, but there is something we always forget to teach. That is, not only to be clean on the outside but also on the inside. This is where colon cleansing comes in.

Colon cleansing is important as it detoxifies the body from harmful toxins that can lead to grave diseases when left alone. But how can we cleanse our colon? ATC Healthcare, your trusted life ally gives you a solution for that — FatOut


ATC FatOut SRP 125/pieace (photo credit to owner)

FatOut has the revolutionary Sweep and Shred Formula which helps cleanse your colon while trimming down your fat. With Psyllium Husk that sweeps and cleanses toxins in your colon and Green Tea Extract to shred and burn your fat. Other ingredients include Pu’er Tea Extract which eliminates hard-to-digest fat, Aloe Vera Powder to further help detoxify the colon, Alfalfa which nourishes the digestive system and Oat Fiber an appetite suppressant. With this power combination,  you’ll surely cleanse your colon, lose those unwanted pounds without putting your health at risk.

A friendly reminder, FatOut is not a medicinal drug and is not used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

FatOut is recommended be taken daily right before every meal, preferably with a glass of warm water.

ATC FatOut is available at Mercury Drug and leading drugstores nationwide with SRP P125.00 a piece. Stand out with FatOut!

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