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Tutuban Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

on November 22, 2015

“Do you ever just smell an old parfum, or hear an old song, or pass an old hangout spot and kinda break inside for couple of minutes?”
– Unknown

That’s how I feel whenever I get to pass by Tutuban. A true 90’s kid knows the “Manila Christmas Shopping Capital” way before 168, 999, Lucky Chinatown Mall and other malls sprouted in the heart of Chinatown. Can not relate?? Hehe you must be a millenial kid then.


Tutuban Center Christmas Rush

Well just to share before all the other malls came into the picture “Tutuban Center” was the go to place for quality yet best buy deals. And as a student within Masangkay and Benavidez, Tutuban Center’s National Bookstore was one of bookstores that catered to our school supply needs (other options were NBS Avenida and Rob Place branch).  Tutuban Center holds a number of my precious childhood memories and some college memories too. I remember the countless of time I walked down Tutuban’s pasilyos with my bestie in search of the perfect graduation dress. And I’m glad that despite of the growing competion Tutuban is here to stay.



On that note, you can imagine how ecstatic I was to be invited to Tutuban Center’s Christmas Lighting Tradition last weekend (November 14, 2015). If it’s not obvious yet I was Supeeeer Jumping in Joy Ecstatic!!


Pre-Christmas Lighting


Shameless Selfie with Manila's Tallest Christmas Tree.. It's sooo tall it didn't fit in the frame

Now on their 9th year of traditional Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Tutuban Center, Manila’s Christmas Shopping Capital, carried the theme “Paskong Sulit sa Tutuban Center.” (Sulit naman talaga kasi ;))  The theme was meant to uphold the image of Tutuban Center as the place where Filipino families and friends can spend their Christmas shopping time and make it super sulit sa saya at sa oras for family bonding.

Prior to the lighting ceremony we were seranaded and entertained by this superb


Christmas and Song Medley

MyPhone endorsers Devon Seron and Kyle Vergara also graced the momentus event.


Tutuban Management with MyPhone Endorsers


Tutuban Management, Devon and Kyle up close

Missed out on this, no worries beapots caught the lighting ceremony on video. Enjoy the fireworks and confetti!


Colorbursting Fireworks


It's raining confetti... ^_^


Sooo pretty...

Tutuban Center has more festivities lined up so follow them on their media accounts and stay tuned for more details on their upcoming events. I’ve heard their Christnas Wonderland is already open and entrance fee is free. So make to check it out soon!


Yey!! It's sooo extravagant when lighted. Anganda!!


My favorite photo of the night, it's feeling a lot like Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Love yahh! Mwah2x!!

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Beaucoup D’amor,

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