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Partners Needed to Help Business Integrate New Powerful Cloud Telephony Service in the Philippines.

on November 21, 2015


Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) are seen to be as the solution for the inclusive growth not only in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) but also in the ASEAN Economic Community which is both taking shape this year.  Vinea Distributions, Inc. (VDI), Knowlarity’s distributor in the Philippines calls on partners to help business integrate this new powerful cloud telephony service.


Jason Hidalgo, VDI Knowlarity Product Specialist with the team during the launching.

“We are looking for partners and resellers who would join our journey in providing businesses with the capability to boost their business and increase their capacity to capture sales lead through Knowlarity,” says Jason Hidalgo, VDI Knowlarity Product Specialist.

The cost of traditional PBX systems (Private Branch Exchange – a private phone network used within a company. Users of the PBX share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls) is limiting the growth of MSMEs because of the cost of installing the infrastructure and also maintaining high cost of communication charges. 

What is SuperReceptionist???:
Knowlarity SuperReceptionist offers a host of features that make call-handling a breeze. Your callers are greeted with a customized professional message, followed by a menu of options to pick from.  This is something which every business should have.  Remember that an inbound call is very important since it means growth for your business.

SuperReceptionist, the initial product offering from Knowlarity is a hosted business phone system that allows you to record, route, forward, and track every call that your company makes or receives. This new cloud telephony service practically replaces the traditional PBX systems ‘need to pay’ model with Cloud’s ‘need now’ concept of paying only for what they require. 


What does Knowlarity offer you??

1. Pick Your Number
2. IVR Systems
3. Greet in Any Language
4. Real-Time Analytics
5. Mobile App
6. SMS Integration
8. Multi-Agent Access 
9. Call Recording.
10. Unified Management
11. Notifications
12. CRM Integration
13. Outbound Calling

Hidalgo is very positive that businesses who will adapt Knowlarity SuperReceptionist can maximize this new system in order to capture business leads that are previously lost through traditional PBX. 

“Since this is a new technology, partners and new resellers will benefit a lot since besides helping businesses grow they would be assured that they are offering a unique and innovative technology,” Hidalgo added.

Knowlarity was launched in the Philippines by Vinea Distribution, Inc. (VDI), October 8, 2015 at Discovery Primea.  This is the first ever public launch of a cloud telephony service that is very promising and is invested by the famed venture capital firm Sequoia Capital.

If you want to become one of their partners or just want to know more about this powerful cloud telephony service, SuperReceptionist you can visit  http://www.vdidistribution.com  or call 535.7333 (connect to Vinea Distribution Inc. local 111, 112, 164). 

Knowlarity with Knowledge comes Clarity. Never miss an important call and Empower your business now!

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