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#VPartySeries Presents Midnight Mysteries: A Night of Ghouls

on November 15, 2015

(c) BreakOutPh

Back Story:
Months ago, my dear friend and I were looking for a party venue. In our search, we happen to pass by Victoria Court Malate. Our convo shifted to how we secretly desire to party in one of their themed rooms and experience sleeping on a spacious round bed. Even, just once will do. 😉

Little did we know that our secret desire will shortly become a reality, all thanks to the VIP Pass I won at the Blogapalooza. Yipeee yey!!!

The Invites:
Blogapalooza 2015 was overflowing with freebies but among them, I was most ecstatic with the VIP pass to the Victoria Court #VPartySeries Midnight Mysteries I won. Not only would I finally cross out 2 items from my bucketlist (1. Victoria Court Theme Room; 2. Breakout Philippines), I also get to share the fun experience with my dear bellas.

On top of the VIP tix (for 6pax), I also got additional 3 complimentary pass to the event for posting Breakout Philippine’s press release on my blog. Yey!! More friends to invite!! ^_^


The VIP Ticket I won at Blogapalooza 2015

Organizing my small group was not easy.. Sooo kudos and hats off to all those spear-heading a PR campaign. But things dont go as you’ve originally planned, there were constant changes and last minute cancellations but I’m still happy with our final line up:


Victoria Court Batcave (c) Victoria Court

Wave 1 – Complimentary Pass
Batcave @ 6PM
– Beapots, Adaski and Che2x Nina


Victoria Court Casino Royale (007) (c) Victoria Court

Wave 2 – VIP Ticket
Casino Royale @ 8PM
– Beapots, King2x, Arjay Justin Joy2x, Adaski Mommy Rissa, Che2x Nina and Lou

The Puzzle:
I got to run the course twice. First I went “To The Batcave!” at 6PM and on to Casino Royale (007) by 8PM.


Our ticket to entering the Mystery Room.. Hihi Oil Spill Alert!!


We’re Blue la-la-la-di-dum..

The puzzles for each room has the same theme (7 Cardinal Sin with each Ghoul representing 1 Sin) and clues but differs on the way and sequence they present you the clues.

Everything starts off with your team going in a  dark and cold room blindfolded and suddenly, you realize you guys are not alone.. A ghastly and modulated voice out of no where directing you to keep silent while removing your blindfolds.. Once you do, you’ll find a scare actor or two standing in front of you..


Bella Groufie right before entering Casino Royale (007) Room

Timer starts soon as they retell you their story.. How he/they’ve been trapped in the room for six years now, how Mr. Morning Star is delighted to have you as guests at Hotel Saligia and promised to help to get you out in hopes that you won’t suffer the same fate as they did. And with that the 1st ghoul will leave with a lasting thought that there are clues lying around the room and it’s your task to solve the locked room mystery.

You scammer around the room trying to piece in bits and piece of the clues you can find.. And 5-10mins in you’ll realized you’ve scoured the room but still not enough clues were found.. In comes another ghoul with a clue and a challenge at hand.

And expect a series of challenge from each ghouls (Lux/Lust, Envie/Envy, Ava/Greed, Gul/Gluttony, Paris/Wrath, Ace/Sloth). They would let you point out the strongest and weakest link of the group and kidnap the strongest contender for a while, ask one to eat a cup of cold soggy intestine like noodles, lay beside a flesh-hungry ghoul, fish out an item or two in a pool of blood, watch a scary video, and even scare your own team member.

As if that’s not enough, you all also have to navigate the dark room with just a small flashlight and worst at times one nasty ghoul would also take your source of light away leaving you in total darkness.

But with every task completed you get one step closer into solving the mystery. Until at last you meet 6th and final ghoul presenting a large locked box with a 4 digit combi padlock.


The Box, The Lock and The Source of Light (c) Victoria Court

The Clues:
Here are some of the clues I can remember on top of my head:
– To solve the puzzle do NOT let Pride sink in
– It is best to keep the 2 guides together
– Remember that everything has more than 1 purpose
– 1st digit can be found in 5ecrets
– 2nd digit is in Pr3tend
– and the last 2 digits can be guided

Decoding the Clues:
We collected all the clues in the Batcave but missed one in Casino Royale. What’s funny is we guessed the code in Casino Royale which we failed to do in the Batcave.

On the 3rd or 4th you’ll begin to piece in that each ghoul represents one of the Cardinal Sins. With their constant reminder that there’s only six of them, you’ll piece in they’re missing 1 ghoul Pride/Orgueil.

What’s the code you ask? It was 5-3-2-4 (5 from 5ecrets, 3 from Pr3tend, 2 from 2 guides together and I have no idea where 4 came from but my teammate said it was the fork we fished out from the tub).

Inside the box, you’ll find the key out of the room, but the door still wont budge when we tried to unlock the door. After several tries we finally broke out of the room (in Casino Royale).

Living Legends or Trapped Forever:
In the Batcave our team failed to unlock the box and so we felt we lost the game since there was no briefing after. But apparently my fellow blogger said they failed to decode the clues but won the game as they did not let pride sink in.

In the Casino Royale we broke out of the room and lost the game. By wanting to break out of the room and get our bragging rights we turned into Pride, joining Mr. Morning Star/Satan and his league of Cardinal Sin. We did get a simple souvenir for turning into Pride. 😉

Batcave, Status: Living Legends
Casino Royale, Status: Trapped Forever


Batcave Players (L-R): Orlee, Tere, Nina, Adaski and Beapots


Batcave: Trapped Forever


Casino Royale Players (L-R): Mommy Rissa, Lou, Nina, Beapots, King2x and Joy2x


Casino Royale: Trapped Forever


We got out but alas we let Pride sink in and lost the game.. (Our Souvenir)

After Thoughts:
In the end we resolved that the course is the antithesis of BreakOut Philippines. To be Living Legends you must solve the mystery, unlock the box, get the keys but stay in the room.


How we wish to be Living Legends


Postfacto media posting and discussion


Stolen Shots

The scare actors weren’t scary at all but they were effective. We really felt we were trapped in with no hopes of getting out, especially in the Casino Royale room. We wouldn’t dare let go of each other’s hands at first. Two thumbs up to the Lux and Envie tandem.


Casino Royale Bellas with Scare Actors: Envie and Ace. (postmystery)

I also had fun hiding under the gambling deck/table with my bellas as directed by Ava/Greed to irk the next ghoul Paris/Wrath.

I know it sounds bad but I still laugh at the thought of Nina eating a piece of tissue on the floor just coz Gul/Glutton accused her of throwing away the cold soggy intestine-like noodles. Gosh!! Gul was soo terrifying.

I wished I became a sacrifice/volunteer a lot more than I did.. Did I mention the scare actors were absolute hunks?? As my group said “Grabe, walang patapon angwa-gwapo!” (Ohh My, they’re all so handsome, no scraps!!) I’m claustrophobic, but I didn’t mind having an alone time with Lux/Lust in a small enclosed toilet room. Since he’s embodying lust he had no sense of personal space. I lost count on how many times he trail his index finger on my nose down to my lips saying.. “I reaaaally loooove your lips” (all thanks to my Covergirl Lipstick in Divine my lips were absolutely irrisistible, but hmmm it made me think if Lux was gay).. I could feel I was blushing while we were face to face.. Ooohh he smelled good too (I wonder what’s his parfum??), well until I caught a whiff of cigarette breath, a total turn off in my book. Lolz

We didn’t win but we still felt like winners in our hearts coz we combined our wits and broke out of the room. And we definitely had fun.

If the puzzle, hunky scare actors and organizers we’re not enough to make your night.. I think the horror movie marathon, overflowing food, drinks and buzz will.. Still not enough?? Hmm, well that leaves Troy Montero to fill you up. Lolz


Habang mailap si Alden si Troy Montero muna. 😉 ✌


1st Horror Movie, Sinister.


Doll Suicide Hanging Tree


Picture Sesh at the Complimentary Room with the Event Toilet. Lolz


After thought discussion on such a comfy bed


Bella Family Photo


Shameless Mirror Selfie ❤ #BatmanOOTD

For more event updates, you can follow Breakout Philippines and Victoria Court on their respective Social Media Accounts:

Breakout Philippines:
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Victoria Court:
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Instagram: @victoriacourtVC

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