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Manila’s Tallest Christmas Tree Lighted at Tutuban Center

on November 14, 2015


Tutuban Center event line up (c) Tutuban Center

14 November 2015, Recto Avenue, Manila — The tallest Christmes Tree in this part of the metropolis was lighted today amid much fanfare and festivities.

Now on its 9th year, the traditional Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Tutuban Center, Manila’s Christmas Shopping Capital, will carry the theme “Paskong Sulit sa Tutuban Center.” The theme was meant to uphold the image of Tutuban Center as the place where Filipino families and friends can spend their Christmas shopping time and make it super sulit sa saya at sa oras for family bonding.

“Christmas Tree means something to each one of us. For Tutuban Center, it has always been our inspiration of happiness and celebration oc Manila’s Christmas Shopping Capital. With the Chriztmas Tree, Carnival, Tutuban Center Food Strert, and the Tutuban Center Night Market, they offer the best value for people’s hard earned money,” explains Ms Sylvia Tecson, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Tutuban Properties, Inc. (TPI).

The ceremony was held earlier than usual, unlike in the past when it was held every November 30 (Bonifacio Day). “It was changed into an earlier date because we wanted to kick off the Christmas Season earlier than the usual this year,” adds Ms. Tecson.

The Tutuban Center Christmas Tree, which measures 50 feet tall, is made of materials coming from different provinces around Manila and was conceptualized by the TPI Team. It is the tallest tree Tutuban Center has ever had and is the tallest among other Christmas Trees in Manila, a breakthrough in Tutuban Center’s history.

Since this year’s tree is much taller than the previous ones, the Tree-Lighting Ceremony was held at the Tutuban Center Shopping Plaza, according to Ms. Tecson. Previous Tree-Lighting events were held within the Bonifacio Plaza beside the Bonifacio monument. It was also graced by telwcommunications brand sponsors like My Phone and Talk and Text (TNT).

So head off to Tutuban Center and enjoy your Christmas shopping for the widest variety of quality and affordable items you can’t find anywhere.

Tutuban Center is located along C.M. Recto Avenue in Manila and is open daily from 9:00 AM to 12:00 MN.

Missed out on this festive and traditional event? Don’t worry Tutuban Center still has more events lined up so follow them on their media accounts and stay tuned for more details on their upcoming events.

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