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Bloggys 2015 Gala Night in SMX, SM Aura

on September 12, 2015


Guess who just made it into the guest list of the Bloggys 2015 Gala Night?! You’ve got it right!! Beapots did! Who would have thought that the blog I initially started to join contests would turn into this? Not me for sure.. but I would still have to work on getting more of my write ups here.. ūüôā

sooo What is Bloggy??
Bloggys is a prestigious nationwide blog awarding event in the Philippines to recognize the most relevant and engaging blogs owned and written by Real Filipinos from different parts of Luzon to Mindanao.

The Organizer??
Essays.ph a content outsourcing company in Makati. They have the largest network of online content creators in the Philippines. The company organized Bloggys 2015 to further advance their wicked plans to help support and contribute to the development of the blogging industry in the Philippines.


When and Where??
Location: SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Taguig
Date and Time: November 21, 2015 at 5:00PM

What’s in store??
As a blogger and a guest, we’ll get to enjoy:
1. An awards show of the finest bloggers in the Philippines
2. Witnessing a key event in Philippine history
3. Networking with businesses who have freebies and perks for bloggers
4. Building relationship with niche influencers, trend setters and buzz ambasaddors

Yipeee!! I’m already itching to attend the Bloggys 2015 Gala Night, an invite-only red carpet reception for active bloggers. I can’t wait to meet my fellow budding bloggers and if I’m lucky I may even meet some of the bloggers I look up to. **fangirl mode on**

Wanna join the Gala Night? Then go ahead and reserve your ticket before they get sold out.

To reserve tickets:    http://bloggys.ph/reserve-tickets/
To nominate Blogs: http://bloggys.ph/nomination-process
To join the Twitter converasation: use the  hashtag #bloggys2015

Hope to see you there!


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