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Elabram Systems Group: The Manpower Behind Your Success

Press Release

February 2015


Elabram Systems Group knowledge in mobile & network business and manpower placement helped different companies with high value services in the areas of network deployment, network operations and management and network performance management. Behind these services are the empowered and skilled manpower with the right competence, effective tools and efficient systems that will deliver results higher than the expectations.

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Elabram Systems Group was established in 1999 in Malaysia (ESSB) under Mikel Yaw and Sunny Yaw with offices in Indonesia (PTES), Thailand (EST) and the Philippines (ESI). As brothers with focus vision, the two grew the company from 10 up to more than 4000 manpower around Asia Pacific region who also became an inspiration to many thus both received awards under  SME Awards in 2010, Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards in 2011, Golden Bull Awards in 2012 and the back to back awards for both Mikel and Sunny under Asia Pacific Awards in 2014 to commend their contributions in the industry.

Current Information and Communications Technologies made the world virtually closer allowing fast efficient and real-time transactions between two points anywhere on the globe. This capability brought forth emergence of outsourcing of business processes where companies significantly benefit in terms of lowering operational expenditures without sacrificing quality output and customer experience.  There is abundance of human capital resource with differing competence and skills that can be sourced outside company’s country of origin.  Outsourcing is now the key strategy and enabler for companies to realize sustainable growth and operational efficiency.

Elabram takes pride in its manpower recruitment and provisioning supplying key talents to our global clients. Our long term engagements with our clients and the experience we have gained enable us deliver full outsourcing of your business processes.  Elabram has portfolio of services that can fulfill your outsourcing needs.

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