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Paradizoo: A Trail to Serenity

on January 19, 2015

Running out of things to do in Tagaytay? Then why don’t you give Paradizoo a try?? A themed farm headed by the CEO Robert Yupangco of Zoomanity Group. The same company that brought us Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Zoocolate Thrills and the likes. I’ve never been to any of these attractions so I just couldn’t pass on their media tour invite for their Flower Festival Week..

And last Saturday, January 17, 2015, I together with other bloggers got the chance to experience Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite. Thank goodness, for blue skies and sunny yet breezy climate all throughout the tour, despite Tropical Storm “Amang” lurking around the metro. Brrrrrr!!

Lookie!! A giant sign beckoning us into to this vast greenery!

Paradizoo Sign

And before anything else, here’s the vicinity map of Paradizoo.. I always do keep a photo of these just in case I get lost, if you know what I mean. 😉 #nosenseofdirection #aimlesswanderer

Vicinity Map

And now the trail to serenity begins…Come, and immerse yourself in the wonders that is of mother nature and breathe in the positivity in the air. Can you already hear all the stress and tension leaving your body?

Veggie Farm

Veggie Farm

After savoring the beauty around us, we got to briefly enjoy watching these harmless Greyhounds race. I heard these dogs cost about P200,000 each. Whew! I’m so lucky, I got to pet and play with them right before the race started. ^_^

I rooted for "Batik" one but he lost.. :(

I rooted for “Batik” one but he lost.. 😦

Off to the Flower Garden we go… with our willing lil’ lovely model, the ever energetic “Ricci Borneo” 😉 She’s so adorable and such a talker too. You definitely, won’t get bored with this kiddo.

Ricci and the Secret Garden

Ricci and the Secret Garden

Autumn in Tagaytay?? Don’t be fooled, it’s just the fallen blossoms from the Flame of the Forest, the African Tulip Tree (Spathodea campanulata)

Sure feels like Autumn though...

Sure feels like Autumn though…

Where there are flowers a-blooming, there surely be butterflies a-fluttering and bees a-buzzing close by.. A pleasant surprise, they have a miniature Butterfly Garden and Bee Farm too. Sorry, no Bee Farm photo…



And right past them is the Perpetual Park Pet Cemetery. Aww awwoooo!!! 😉 I was told you can have your pets buried here for a fee of course.. Hmmm.. I wonder, will the pet owner still need to pay the entrance fee whenever they visit their dearly departed pets?? **mental note: ask them next time** ^_^

RIP Kiray, Flappy and Hero... :'(

RIP Kiray, Flappy and Hero… 😥

So much for animal spirits.. Now, lets head our way to the show area, where they house their livestocks. From a 5-legged bull (and nope that’s not a typo), to little ponies, and to humpy camels, they have it.

And if you’re lucky, you might just get the chance to pet them thru Creature Feature, like these kiddos did. Caution though, this is not for the squeamish and for the faint of heart. Also, prepare yourself for a squealing fest. Lolz

Extra Challenge: Kiddos Edition

Extra Challenge: Kiddos Edition

A bad photo of the 5-legged Bull

A bad photo of the 5-legged Bull

Dang!! And just when I was about to click the camera, the Ostrich starts to pee and poo.. Tsk3x, a mental photo I can no longer unseen. Hihihi 😛

An Ostrich's Doo-ty. Lolz

An Ostrich’s Doo-ty. Lolz

My Little Ponies

My Little Ponies

And look! Baby sheeps named Kiko and Francis, very timely for the Papal Visit.

Baaaa! Baaa! Any wool? Baby sheep Kiko and Baby sheep Francis??

Baaaa! Baaa! Any wool? Baby sheep Kiko and Baby sheep Francis??

Oh yeah! Don’t forgo the camera-ready Camels.. I decided to call this one Camelo, after my friend’s camel plushie..

Look who decided to post for the camera.. Camelo: this is my good side. :D

Look who decided to post for the camera.. Camelo: this is my good side. 😀

And of course, my fave attraction the Bird Thrill where you can interact with Paradizoo’s supeeeer sociable Love Birds on a feeding frenzy. They’re so sociable, they will stick around even when you ran out of feeds. Some would even fly towards you to catch a glimpse of your camera screen.

Flappy Feeding Frenzy

Flappy Feeding Frenzy

The Hanging Game

The Hanging Game

2 flappers flying south

2 flappers flying south

I’m sure you’re tired from all this walking.. but fret not Paradizoo also has a place for your to leisurely rest and shop for souvenirs with a playground to spare for your ever-playful kiddos.

Rest, Shop n' Play

Rest, Shop n’ Play

I found my peace and tranquility on our simple Serenity Trail to Paradizoo. I hope you would too. Indeed the world is full of beauty! I hate to say goodbye, but I really have to go. Stay blissful and beautiful! ^_^

Awww.. why the long face Cowboy??

Awww.. why the long face Cowboy??

Much Love,

Website: http://www.zoomanity.com.ph/
Tickets and Rates: http://www.zoomanity.com.ph/rates-and-packages/ticket-rates
How to Get There:


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