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Triple Threat at Trendsetter’s Bazaar

on October 18, 2014

Having a bad day and in need of a sweet fix? Oh boy! I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Behold, my bestie Meggie Gohing’s latest creation, Triple Treat! A simple baking mix up turned into her best selling goodie as of yet. You’ll definitely love this tasty trio in bar, with a layer of moist fudge brownie, butterscotch and s’mores (toasted marshmallows). Mmmm just describing it makes my mouth water for more. Did I mention it also has choco sprinkles and walnuts?? You read that right! Best of all, Baker Belles are only selling them at P35 a piece, and if you buy 3 pieces you’ll need only pay P100. They look like space cookies but I assure you it’s packed with flavor in every bite.

ItsyBeatsyBea loves Baker Belles' Triple Treat!!

ItsyBeatsyBea loves Baker Belles’ Triple Treat!! ❤ ❤ ❤

She also has choco crinkles and food for the gods in store:
Plain Choco Crinkles (Plain Janes) are sold at P10 a piece and P55 for half a dozen. Stuffed/Filled Crinkles are sold P18 a piece and P90 for half a dozen. Stuffed Crinkles comes in two flavors: Coco Crazy (macaroon like coconut filling) & Nutty Surprise (peanut butter filling). Finally, her food for the gods are sold P20 a piece and P110 for half a dozen.

Choco Crinkles n' Food for the Gods, anyone?? ^_^

Choco Crinkles n’ Food for the Gods, anyone?? ^_^

Please show your love my bestie’s creations and drop by her booth and experience the Triple “M” Threat later at the Trendsetter’s Bazaar hosted at the World Trade Center (11AM – 7PM). Melissa Gohing (Fashion Blogger/Volleyball Athlete) will be manning her booth MG closet — All her pre-loved clothes will be marked down between P50-P100, she’s also selling her practically brand new asics rubber shoes at P1200 which she only wore once (with the box signed by The Ninja herself), a must buy for her fans. Michelle Gumabao (ex-PBB housemate/Volleyball Athlete) may most likely be there to sell her Doggie Shampoo priced between P450-P550. And of course Baker Belles Head Baker Meg Gohing will be selling fresh batches of her sweet treats.

Meg Gohing, Baker Belles' Head Baker. The great mind behind the Triple Treat creation.

Meg Gohing, Baker Belles’ Head Baker. The great mind behind the best selling Triple Treat: Brownie + Butterscotch + S’mores all in one delectable slice!

Kindly like their Facebook pages and follow their Instagram accounts as well.

Baker Belles (Meg Gohing):
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bakerbellesph
Instagram: @bakerbelles
Mobile: 0919-6198944

MG Closet (Melissa Gohing):
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gohing.melissa
Instagram: @gohingmelissa

Michelle Gumabao:
Instagram: @michellegumabao
Hope to see you there!
Loads of Love,


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