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Triple Threat at Trendsetter’s Bazaar

Having a bad day and in need of a sweet fix? Oh boy! I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Behold, my bestie Meggie Gohing’s latest creation, Triple Treat! A simple baking mix up turned into her best selling goodie as of yet. You’ll definitely love this tasty trio in bar, with a layer of moist fudge brownie, butterscotch and s’mores (toasted marshmallows). Mmmm just describing it makes my mouth water for more. Did I mention it also has choco sprinkles and walnuts?? You read that right! Best of all, Baker Belles are only selling them at P35 a piece, and if you buy 3 pieces you’ll need only pay P100. They look like space cookies but I assure you it’s packed with flavor in every bite.

ItsyBeatsyBea loves Baker Belles' Triple Treat!!

ItsyBeatsyBea loves Baker Belles’ Triple Treat!! ❤ ❤ ❤

She also has choco crinkles and food for the gods in store:
Plain Choco Crinkles (Plain Janes) are sold at P10 a piece and P55 for half a dozen. Stuffed/Filled Crinkles are sold P18 a piece and P90 for half a dozen. Stuffed Crinkles comes in two flavors: Coco Crazy (macaroon like coconut filling) & Nutty Surprise (peanut butter filling). Finally, her food for the gods are sold P20 a piece and P110 for half a dozen.

Choco Crinkles n' Food for the Gods, anyone?? ^_^

Choco Crinkles n’ Food for the Gods, anyone?? ^_^

Please show your love my bestie’s creations and drop by her booth and experience the Triple “M” Threat later at the Trendsetter’s Bazaar hosted at the World Trade Center (11AM – 7PM). Melissa Gohing (Fashion Blogger/Volleyball Athlete) will be manning her booth MG closet — All her pre-loved clothes will be marked down between P50-P100, she’s also selling her practically brand new asics rubber shoes at P1200 which she only wore once (with the box signed by The Ninja herself), a must buy for her fans. Michelle Gumabao (ex-PBB housemate/Volleyball Athlete) may most likely be there to sell her Doggie Shampoo priced between P450-P550. And of course Baker Belles Head Baker Meg Gohing will be selling fresh batches of her sweet treats.

Meg Gohing, Baker Belles' Head Baker. The great mind behind the Triple Treat creation.

Meg Gohing, Baker Belles’ Head Baker. The great mind behind the best selling Triple Treat: Brownie + Butterscotch + S’mores all in one delectable slice!

Kindly like their Facebook pages and follow their Instagram accounts as well.

Baker Belles (Meg Gohing):
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bakerbellesph
Instagram: @bakerbelles
Mobile: 0919-6198944

MG Closet (Melissa Gohing):
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gohing.melissa
Instagram: @gohingmelissa

Michelle Gumabao:
Instagram: @michellegumabao
Hope to see you there!
Loads of Love,

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BDJ Fair 2014: #LiveItUp Dance to the Beat of your Dreams

How are you going to live it up this 2015? Start living it up by going to the 6th BDJ Fair on October 19 at SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall!

Live it up and dance your way through life by making new goals, planning ahead and supporting a new advocacy!

Head to the BDJ Fair 2014 at the SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall on Sunday, October 19, from 10AM-10PM and dance to the beat of your dreams by attending inspiring talks, trying out different booths, activities and workshops from the BDJ Team.


This year, the BDJ Fair is entitled: # Live It Up! Dance to the Beat of Your Dreams! The BDJ Fair is a fun-filled event where they will launch their 9th edition of the BDJ Power Planner and raise funds for the advocacies they support. This year, they will support the students of Sulong Kabataang Romblomanon, Inc. (Romblon scholars), and MoveMNL. It’s also where BDJ Girls all come together to learn, experience and have fun through our various talks, booth, activities and workshops. It’s where they get to interact with their fellow BDJ Girls and gain new friends and learn from each other! Enjoy a fun-filled event of learning and being empowered and get first dibs to the BDJ 2015 Planner for only 500 pesos at the fair.


To pre-register for any of the talks, simply visit belledejourpowerplanner.com and choose your top 3 picks from the talk line up.

Talk Line Up:
1:05-1:40 – From GRIT to GREAT with Jonathan Yabut
2:00-2:40 – Life is Your Playground with Ann Jacobe of Project Hardcore Sisterhood
3:00-3:40 – Create Your Own #BeautifulStory with Tricia Gosingtian for Pond’s
4:00-4:40 – From Zero to Financial Hero with Edric Mendoza of ANC
5:20-6:00 – The Fullness of Life with Andi Manzano of GSK
6:20-7:00 – Seasons of Style with Isha Andaya-Valles of Preview Magazine
The event is open to everyone but only pre-registered girls will be allowed to participate in the talks, get a loot bag, and get to try out exciting activities such as zipline and wall climbing!  Slots will be given on a first come, first served basis.
Save the date for the sixth BDJ Fair! Put on your dancing shoes and dance to the beat of your dreams!
Stay tuned for more details regarding the BDJ Fair! For more information on the Belle de Jour Power Planner, other products and events, log on to belledejourpowerplanner.com or join their Facebook Fan Page, or follow @BDJBuzz on Twitter and Instagram.
See you there Bellas!
Loads of Love,
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BDJ Box Beauty Social: Camp Gorgeous Piandre

I still can’t get over the BDJ Box Beauty Social event from last September 14, 2014, so I’m writing this post to highlight xtallicious & beapot’s Piandre beauty transformation experience. **better late than never, right?** ^_^

It’s a habit mine to look out for BDJ Power Planner and BDJ Box’s announcements on their upcoming events. The moment they posted the steps on how to pre-register to this year’s BDJ Box Beauty Social: Camp Gorgeous, I made it a point to pre-register the very same day. you know the feeling, when you know something reaaaal juicy and you can’t simply keep it a secret? I felt exactly that! So it’s only second nature to me to share the info to my Bella friends. And we were all so ecstatic to secure 2 beauty talks each. In case you’re curious, mine were: Beauty Prep with the BDJ Box Beauty MinistryMake Up Essentials with Bobby Carlos of Max Factor.

My Confirmed Beauty Talks

My Confirmed Beauty Talks

Here’s the line up of the beauty talks along with the event booths layout:

Beauty Talk Line Up & Event Map

Beauty Talk Line Up & Event Map

I have already had my mind set to arrive at the venue early so I can roam freely around the booths.. but things didn’t go as I’ve initially planned. Out of the blue we were asked to be at the branch for a routinary system testing in lieu with the recent system upgrades. My Plan B was to come early for work, so I can go home early too.. and yet again luck wasn’t on my side, among all the PCs mine was the least responsive with the system upgrades. On the verge of crying, I even cracked a joke saying my PC’s an oldie by heart and isn’t big on changes. (Makaluma PC ko, ayaw nya ng pagbabago) Lolz

Gratefully I got to leave the office by 12 noon, however with all the fiasco I ended up missing my first talk. Huhubels for missing my chance to see my fave BDJ Beauty Minister Barbi Chan. 😦 Still despite a quite heavy heart, I went on my way to SM North Edsa with my preggy friend King2x (xtallicious).

We arrive a lil’ early for our second talk so we decided to pass time by going thru the event booths and bumped into our fellow bella looking so fierce and fab with her make over. She highly recommended getting a make over at the Piandre booth so we made it a point to sign up on their queue before we lined up for the Make Up Essentials with Bobby Carlos of Max Factor.

As always, Bobby Carlos’ beauty talk is never dull and is jump-packed with interesting trivia, tips and tricks. My Favorite tip from him is how to gauge if you are indeed acidic. According to Bobby, you are acidic if  the fancy jewelries your wear easily discolors. In that case, I’m supeeeeer acidic coz’ my sweat can tarnish fancy jewelries in a matter of 3 days.

After the talk we went around the booths sampling what they can offer and learning more about the event brand partners. I asked xtallicious if we could stay the end of the event coz’ I’m hoping to win the L’oreal Pureology set which she happily obliged. While waiting for the end of the beauty talks we tried our luck and asked if we can still avail the Piandre Make Over. Luckily Piandre was more than happy to accommodate us.

While waiting for our turn we were happily chatting away cupcake goddess Aci Girl and was oblivious that my name was already called out as a raffle winner. Thankfully, my fellow #illbethere bella Nina heard Karen Bordador (Monster Radio RX93.1) call out my name and called out my attention to go up stage. It turns out I just won a GlamGlow YouthMud.

My fellow #illbethere bella Janina and my GlamGlow YouthMud Loot

My fellow #illbethere bella Janina and my GlamGlow YouthMud Loot

Finally, a slot opened at the Piandre booth and I offered it xtallacious so I could document her beauty transformation and my oh my she turned into blushing bride in matter of minutes.

We are Camp Piandre Gorgeous

We are Camp Piandre Gorgeous


During her make up transformation Karen Bordador started calling out the IG account names of the HOTD or Hair-Of-The-Day contest winners. And yipee for me coz’ I’m one of the lucky winners.

My winning HOTD post won we this L'oreal Pureology Set

My winning HOTD post won we this L’oreal Pureology Set

I’m so glad I didn’t let start of my day deter me from attending this event. We left the event a happier and gorgeous bella and our beauty make over was really amazing. Kudos to their make up artists for withstanding a long queue of BDJ Bellas waiting for their turn to get beautified during the BDJ Box Beauty Social: Camp Gorgeous that day. Their works of art are as strong as them. Would you believe our make up survived the wind & gust of Typhoon Luis? Amazing! Right? Haha my own HOTD didn’t fair as well though so pardon the messy hair.

Still gorgeous even after braving the rainy & gusty weather brought by Typhoon Luis.

Still gorgeous even after braving the rainy & gusty weather brought by Typhoon Luis.

Don’t fret if you missed out on this beauty-filled event, as of this moment Belle De Jour is already cooking up the upcoming BDJ Fair 2014. They even settled on theme Live it Up: Dance to the Beat of your Dreams! You can pre-register your top 3 talks at http://belledejourpowerplanner.com/events/bdj-fair-2014-live-it-up/. So make sure to save the date and block out October 19, 2014 on your calendars. Check my next post for the complete details.

See yah around Bellas! 🙂

Loads of Love,

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