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Breaking In: Happy Skin Eye Products

on September 28, 2014

Last August, I decided to step out of the house and buy myself dinner despite the rainy weather. My mini foodie adventure brought me to Lucky Chinatown Mall where I was able to buy myself a tasty seafood noodles for Php100. (Sweet deal, I instantly got a discount of Php30) ūüôā But that’s another story. Now, back to the topic. Since I was already in the area, I resolved to drop by the Beauty Bar to purchase the Happy Skin: Eye Am Here To Stay Gel Pencil Liner, I heard so much of. Initially, I have already have my heart set on the black gel liner.. but when I made swatches of the 3 hues (mint green, black – with gold shimmer & brown – with gold shimmer), I was suddenly torn between the colors mint green and black. I was a little on the fence with gold shimmer of the black gel liner and was captivated with cool matte finish of the mint green gel liner. I was having second thoughts, so I did more swatches of the Happy Skin eye products (Eye Love View & Eye Am Here To Stay Liquid Liner) on my hand and headed on¬†home. When I got home, a brilliant idea struck me. I’ve been attending a couple of makeup workshops lately. Most of the makeup gurus advised to always always test out the cosmetics products before shelling out any cash. One even said: “That’s why there are tester, for you to test the product.” ^_^ With that in mind, I was dead set on testing out the staying power of the swatches on my hand. Products Tested: 1. Eye Love View Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo – SRP¬†799 2. Eye Am Here to Stay Liquid Liner (Black)¬†– SRP 499 3.¬†Eye Am Here to Stay Gel Liner (Mint Green) – SRP 499 4.¬†Eye Am Here to Stay Gel Liner (Black) – SRP 499 5.¬†Eye Am Here to Stay Gel Liner (Brown) – SRP 499 Here’s the initial swatches before a series of tests (applied around 7:30pm-ish):

Initial swatches of Happy Skin Eye Products

Initial swatches of Happy Skin Eye Products. Credits to Happy Skin for the product photos

Swatches after a couple of rubbing actions:

After a couple of rubbing actions

After a couple of rubbing actions

Swatches after introduced under running water: **I accidentally, touched something oily, and had to wash the icky stain.. uh-ohhh ^.^**

After exposure to running water

After exposure to running water

Swatches after a full night of sleep: **Slept with these swatches on.. no one ever said I can’t sleep with make-up on my hands.. plus it’s a good way to test the products. Oh yeah! I’m a messy sleeper in a sense that I sleep in on one position and wake up to another. Hihihi :D**

After a full night's sleep

After a full night’s sleep

Swatches after a full hot bath (taken around 8:00am-ish): **I decided to use a bath scrub that morning, and gave myself a generous scrubbing.. rub-a-dub dub**

After a full hot bath

After a full hot bath

Finally, the last test.. Swatch after a generous application of my water-based makeup remover Bifesta:

After Bifesta (MakeUp Remover)

After Bifesta (MakeUp Remover)

Were  you amazed with the results? Coz I was and still am. Because of this make-shift product testing, every wee bit of reluctance in my body has been shaken off. And thanks to my lovely bellas, I finally purchased my own set of Eye Am Here To Stay Gel Liners.   Loads of Love, ~ Beapots ~


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