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BDJ Planner #illbethere Day 11 Challenge: Anything Goes

on March 9, 2014

Here’s a fine idea for a fun night.. Are you ready? Here it goes… How does “Anything Goes” sound?

Yeah! I know it sounds a bit scary and crazy since it involves trying out new things but can be uber loads of fun.

My friends and I loves going on unplanned roadtrips and try out activities and cuisines we haven’t tried.

Here are some of the wonderful things I’ve experienced thru “Whatever Goes Nights”:


Bungee Fun, Go-Kart, Papa Jack, TGIFridays, G-Force Hip Hop by Ishii, CBTL & Isip-Bata Day

With the help of “whatever goes night” I’ve learned to momentarily conquer my fear of heights and tried out Bungee Fun @ SM MOA. I was even lucky enough to have done one somersault. We also went go-karting which was exhiliratingly fun, despite me constantly crashing on the hay stacks. Then during one of our night outs, we have the pleasure of getting acquainted with Love Radio’s very own Papa Jack and that’s by simply trying out a new cafe. At times we still go back to something comfortable like TGIFridays but we do try out a mixture of new & familiar cuisines. We don’t mind going the distance for a nice ambience and it paid off as we found a new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch we absolutely love. We even thought of an “Isip-Bata Day” wherein us adult can do anything childish for a whole day.

Currently, Im taking dancing classes care of G-Force Dance Center Dancers. I’m a hopeless case but who cares so long as I’m having fun I’m gonna keep dancing. Ü

Sooo.. go on your own “whatever goes night” and have a fun-filled crazy night.

Loads of Love,


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