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Fave BDJ Box’s Editorial: Lip Exfoliation Trick

on March 2, 2014

Fave BDJ Box’s Editorial: Lip Exfoliation Trick

The bdjbox.com’s Editorial is a great site for those easy beauty tips and tricks from BDJ Box’s own Beauty Ministry. They cater from beauty tools suggestions, to make-up tricks and even down to nitty-gritty hair care advices.

Among all their amazing editorials, Barbi Chan’s Lip Exfoliation Trick would be my ultimate fave. It’s a short video on how to achieve those smooth lippies without breaking the bank. Who would have thought that a simple office supply can double as a beauty tool. I’ve tried it myself, the process is quite primitive but as unconventional as it can be, it works! I’ve noticed that after following the trick, my lipstick now glides ohh soo smoothly on my used-to-be uber dry lips.


Lip Exfoliation by Barbi Chan

Anyhow, try it yourself and experience the difference. Here’s the link to Lip Exfoliation Trick:


Enjoy and Happy Lip Exfoliating Bellas! Ü

Loads of Love,


2 responses to “Fave BDJ Box’s Editorial: Lip Exfoliation Trick

  1. Matromao says:

    Haha. Scotch tape! The adhesive tends to have a weird smell though. Tiis ganda? :p


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