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BDJ Box Bruno Mars Day 02 Challenge

on February 28, 2014

BDJ Box Bruno Mars Day 02 Challenge

Last December 2013, I joined BDJ Box’s Count Down to Christmas promo. Mechanics was BDJ Box will post a quick question about their brand partners every 12 noon on the weekdays of December 09, 2013 – December 20, 2013. Bella need only post their answer on the comment section to qualify. A winner will be randomly chosen and announced within the day. Twist is the contest only runs for an hour from the moment the question was posted.

I was fortunate enough to be included in the 10 lucky bellas to receive a BDJ Box Gift Pack filled with beauty loots from: Bifesta, Canmake Tokyo, Deborah Milano, Essence Cosmetics, Etude House, Flormat Cosmetics, Gosh Cosmetics, Lucido-L, The Cream Factory, Too Cool for School and Vidal Sassoon.


I received my gift pack on December 21, 2013. Just in time for our Family Christmas gathering.


What better way to spread the Christmas spirit than sharing your blessings, right? And since, I received so much, I gave away some of the items to my bestie (The Cream Factory) and our housekeeper (Deborah Milano, Flormar Cosmetics & Vidal Sassoon). I kept most of items though especially my fave: Canmake Tokyo’s Marshmallow Finish Powder. I super love this product which goes perfectly well with my BB cream. True to its claims this Marshmallow Finish Powder creates a perfect sweet-looking face achieving a matte finish concealing pores and hides any uneveness. I also love how feathery light it feels on my skin while helping me attain the Natural Make-Up look I’ve always wanted. Thanks a bunch BDJ Box!!!

Loads of Love,


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